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Making People Our Competitive Advantage

Presentation by Darwin John Moises, Head, Global Services Operations (GSO), Lexmark R&D Corp. Inc. This is a comprehensive presentation showing that people are an integral part of a competitive advantage strategy. DJ explores issues including how to create a solid employer brand, how to pick the right people, creating a solid performance management system and more.

Strategic Business Insights through HR Analytics

Presentation by Dr. Hari Nair, Head, Business Partnership & Continuous Improvement, BASF PETRONAS Chemicals. Dr Nair discusses traditional HR reporting, presents a case study of how to do things differently. He also explains how to get there with big data in HR, and how to present insights for boardroom management and the wider company.

Using Data Analytics to Re-Engineer Human Capital Management Strategy

Presentation by Sow Chat Gan, Asia Pacific Benefits Director, Honeywell International. This presentation touches upon topics including how data analytics represents a paradigm shift for HR, common pitfalls and best practices. As sensitivity of costs on benefits programmes continues, evidence-based business case with impactful data analytics will be the most necessary skill set emerging for HR. Download this presentation to find out more.

Strategic Workforce Planning to Boost Employee Productivity & Operational Efficiency

Presentation by Nilesh Mitra, Senior Director Human Resources, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, South Asia. Nilesh shows the approach to workforce planning including: Comprehension, Agility, Network, Direction and Outcome Expectations.

Driving Employee Engagement & Conduct Agenda Through Culture and Values

Presentation by Robert Mostert, Head of HR- GSSCs, Scope International, Standard Chartered Bank. Robert discussing 8 practices undertaken by Scope International, Standard Chartereed including Screening on values and employee induction, recognition for value role models, CSR and values as part of performance management system.

The SSON Guidebook to Managing Millenials

One of the biggest challenges facing shared service centres and BPOs is talent, especially millennials. How to attract them, how to retain them and how to get the best out of them. To answer these questions and more, we have compiled the best articles from SSON’s international experts. Download this free eBook now.

Technology Solutions are Driving Malaysian SSCs into the Future

Practitioners from Maybank, DHL, AirAsia and Sime Darby share some of their most significant technology implementations – including robotic automation, mobile and self-service applications – and explain their impact.

The HR Analytics Calculator

According to research by SSON, 56% of shared service centres in Southeast Asia ranked analytics as one of their top investment priorities for 2016 and it’s easy to see why. Analytics offers solutions to several of the biggest challenges faced by HR professionals including Talent Management, Recruitment and Learning and Development. But is your organisation ready to implement HR analytics? Use this helpful infographic to find out…

The Ultimate Guide to Implementing HR Analytics at your SSC

The battle to attract and retain top talent remains one of the biggest challenges facing companies in Asia. But now a new tool is emerging, one that allows HR professionals to tip the balance in their favour: HR analytics. Yet with any new tool, there comes the need to rethink, reskill and plan how to implement analytics to supercharge your HR strategy. This is the ultimate guide to helping you achieve these aims. Click above to download now.

How Do You Solve the HR Shared Services Paradox

Over the last 15 years, HR Shared Services has evolved from just offering cost effective solutions to a value added process in the overall HR function. Typical to any industry and sector, the asks have been ever changing and now reach an inflection point where the demands are fighting for a share of existence and impact on decision making. Though there are many challenges to be solved with a limited set of resources, the below situations continue to pose a paradox for all who are managing this space. In this article, Priyanka Anand, VP HR – Global Operations at Ericsson explores how organizations are decoding this.

RPA: Realistic Performance Advancement or Clever Tagline?

Across Asia, both governments and businesses are vaulting up the Shared Services “value” trajectory via robotic process automation. This report provides an evaluation of RPA’s role as Asian markets redefine their growth and service strategies.

Todays Key to Business Excellence – Robot-Enabled Solutions

Simen Munter, General manager, Group Hubs, ANZ explains why RPA is such an obvious solution that he skipped the pilot phase in his role, and why the future of business excellence is inextricably tied up with robotics.

Attracting, developing, and retaining leaders through a rotational leadership program (webcast)

In this interactive web cast Paul S. Bartley shares his learnings from the rotational leadership development program at the Program Support Center (PSC) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Exclusive Shared Intelligence members-only web cast led by Paul S. Bartley, Director Global Business Services and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Program Support, Program Support Center (PSC), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Recorded on 31st March 2016.